Vogue – Juli / August 2021


Vogue Deutsch – Juli / August 2021. Published by Condé Nast.

These are the topics of the Collector’s Issue: the focus is on a topic that is very close to our hearts: craft. We invite you to join us in fashionable dream worlds: in studios , workshops and factories, where fashion is created in elaborate and precise manual work – and the uniqueness of creation, material and craftsmanship is of the greatest importance. We show Haute Joaillerie and Haute Couture : breathtaking dresses, coats and skirtsmade of precious materials that were made with the utmost passion and imagination, photographed by Chris Colls in New York. And we dedicate ourselves to large initiatives that enable the craft to be preserved as a profession, and to small businesses that need to be protected and supported because, with loving devotion, they play their indispensable part in ensuring that craftsmanship remains the most important driver in the future of luxury and fashion remains.

“Today we still manufacture 100 percent of our leather goods and 80 percent of all our goods in France with craftsmen. Crafts are the starting point for everything we do,” explains Olivier Fournier, Executive Vice President Corporate Development and Social Affairs at Hermès. Made to last a lifetime: like the delicate flowers from the artificial flower manufacturer Heide Steyer. They have always been a synonym for quality and precise craftsmanship. The married couple Heide and Gerald Steyer have been creating floral works of art since 1970, supplying fashion houses such as Valentino and Dior around the world. Karl Lagerfeld was just as much a fan as the hat makers of the British royal family. And Hollywood also brought the handicraft from the Saxon community of Arnsdorf to the screen, in films such as Titanic or James Bond 007: Specter.

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