Hilfiger Denim Spring 2008


Hilfiger Denim Spring 2008.

Spring 2008, the spirit of Hilfiger Denim is celebrated across three new lines.
American Icons updates authentic Americana with Californian high school fashions and retro sportswear. Mingling vintage, thrift store details with modern silhouettes and fabrics, the line embraces the iconic Hilfiger palette of Red, White and Blue – for a look that combines effortlessly with denim.
Wonder Years brings the carefree look of the 1950s into the 21st century.
Contemporary denim designs, rendered in a cool neutral palette, are offset by vintage details straight out of a ’50s diner or high school yearbook.
Rebel Spirit channels a more bohemian spirit, blending casual looks with flashes of glamour and a touch of military styling. Earthy, neutral colors are finished by rock’n’roll-inspired touches: band tees and concert posters for men, hot prints for girls.

Condition: Great

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Peso 525 g
Dimensioni 30 × 23 × 2 cm


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