Nest Magazine n.23 – Winter 2003/2004


NEST magazine: A Quarterly of Interiors Issue 23 – Winter 2003-2004

Nest magazine was a New York based interior design magazine that ran from 1997 to 2004 founded by designer Joseph Holtzman. The magazines style composed of non-traditional eccentric interiors and intricate graphic design layouts. Noted architect Rem Koolhaas called it “an anti-materialistic, idealistic magazine about the hyper specific in a world that is undergoing radical leveling, an ‘interior design’ magazine hostile to the cosmetic”.

In this copy  photo by Alexei Hay about fledgling eco-village in Austin (Texas); Favela-fabulous forniture from Humberto and Fernando Campana; The most indian house in America; William Faulkner’s writing room at Rowan Oak, Mississippi.

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