Thirty Nine Souls


Thirty Nine Souls.

HER DEEP AND INTENSE LOOK, the strong features, her severe and changing expressions, her gestures, the enthusiasm, the antique, bold proudness, the passionate Mediterranean behavior, everything in her is synonymous with Woman Kind.
Extraordinary Woman Kind, the one from which ANGELA PINTALDI belongs, jewelry designer, also of accessories, home furnishings, objects and precious sculptures.
Restless Kind who needs to express herself through ancient materials, extravagant shapes, colorful explosions, artistic intuitions that belong to her as part of her genetic heritage from her Sicilian and Spanish ancestors together with her love for the art culture.
Woman with complex personality, with many souls. “Thirty-nine” she says laughing, because she loves the number 3, its multiples and derivations. She has always dreamt to create 3 objects from 13 themes, now 39 SOULS will become her way to tell people about herself, making herself known through everything she invents, creates, elaborates, designs and paints.
People call her “princess of jewels”, because she is known by the most exclusive circles throughout the world. Her prehistoric creations featuring sanded gold, etched silvers, raw stones, are worn by the most elegant and sophisticated women.
She re-discovered nature’s shapes: rocks, stones, old shells and bowls, shaped by sea erosion that she combines together with gems and metals, transforming everything into one precious work of art.
This is how her unpredictable jewels are born, they seem to belong to THE PAST AND THE FUTURE at the same time.

Heinz Schattner is the author of the images of this book.

Printend in Italy september 1996.

Condition: Good.

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